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Help: I left media at room temperature overnight - is it still good? (Jun/30/2005 )

Yesterday I opened a new bottle of DMEM and added FBS, glutamine and pen/strep. In my haste, I left it on the bench instead of into the fridge. So this morning, after 14 hours at room temperature, I put it into the fridge. Anyone with any experience, or knowledge from first principles can advice me if this bottle can still be effective for mammalian cell culture? I would guess media is not that sensitive, but what about the FBS?


I am guessing the protiens in the FBS are not in the best shape but I have done it before and the cell were no worse for it. I would use it.

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It'll be fine, most of the damage to the medium is actually done at the heating/cooling stages when transferring from fridge towaterbath and back.



No problem,

I would use it. RT is not that hot, DMEM isn't sensitive, Serum can survive 14hours.
In my opinion, the most dangerous is when you forget you media in the waterbath for the whole day...


I have heard that glutamine is not very stable. However, I would use the media.


no problem. I agree with bob1. Moreover, i did it few times and my exp weren't affected.


i don't think it is a big deal either. i left my media in waterbath overnight once and it worked fine


Well guys, looks like the consensus is that its no big deal, so I'll let the cells have it. Thanks for sharing yr experience.