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RNA stability in long term storage - (Jun/29/2005 )

I have leaf material that has been stored at -80ÂșC for about 2 years. Can mRNA from these leaves be used for microarray experiments?



You should be able to use it, it really depends on how long it was out of the freezer after it was collected. Typically, I have found that plants preserve their DNA/RNA pretty well out of the freezer (better than animals anyway), but i would still check the DNA and or RNA to see if it is degraded before using in downstream applications.

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Now we don't know much about the mechanism that plant protect its genetic material. But we got DNA or RNA extract from leaf of the tree have dead for 35 years and the temperature is room temperature (to classify a model in local plant museum).
But you should use the kit for DNA extract from wood(or RNA /I don't know because I used DNA kit) , if you don't want to waste a lot of time to do it by your chemical
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