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Inducable mammalian expression vector - (Jun/27/2005 )

Has anybody got experience with an inducable mammalian expression vector. If yes what is your experience? Could you recommend to use it?
Thanks for your help!

-prize laurate-

Has really nobody got experience with that?

-prize laurate-

I have used several inducable mammalian expressision systems and have not really been happy with any of them. My least favorite is metal inducable promoters which end up producing waste that I have to disinfect and place in toxic waste (I'm in California and sometimes we march toa different drummer) for disposal. All of them I have tried are slightly leaky.


My lab has always used pUHD 10-3 (I think that's what it's called) . It has a hygro marker from pMep4 and is tet inducible. The only problem is that any insert has to be blunt-cloned in because some of the MCS has been lost along the way.