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Which is the more neuronal-like ? - (Jun/22/2005 )


We've got three cell lines in the lab: rat C6 glioma cells, mouse NG-108 cells and human SK-N-SH cells.
Without considering species, which one do yo think is the more neuronal-like ?

Thanks for your answers.



It's hard to say one that one neuronal cell line is more neuronal than another but here's my guess: C6 is derived from glial cells, NG-108 is a hybrid cell line (neuroblastoma and glial) which just leaves the SK-N-SH as a true neuroblastoma.

What are you going to be using them for?


I'm going to use these cells for overexpression and siRNA studies on a gene that is uncharacterised but predicted to be involved in neuronal cytoskeletal architecture.
The first thing will be to look at cellular localisation of the protein, then it will be looking at morphological and actin(and other markers)-staining changes.
That's why we want the most neuronal-like cell line.

So you seem to think that SK-N-SH cells might be the best.. but what about them as undifferentiated ?
(if Im not wrong, they're not very neuronal-like when not differentiated, and I don't how easy they are to transfect when they are differentiated..)



I see your point. NG-108 can be differentiated as well.

I guess you are looking for a cell line that is morphologically most neuronal.

I've not got experience with SK-N-SH but do routinely use the SH-SY-5Y cell line derived from them. Once differentiated the do indeed look more neuronal morphologically, they can also be successfully be transfected (with cDNA) using lipofectamine 2000.

If you know enough about your gene you could test for its expression in the cell lines by using reverse transciption PCR the best expressor might be the best for your studies.

hope this helps