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Extracellular Matrix - 3t3 cells lay down ecm? (Jun/16/2005 )

After culturing 3t3 cells for a few months now recently I became slightly confused.

I thought the cells themselves were responsible for the ExtraCellular Matrix being laid down on substrate for the cells to attach and survive (obviously using the vital medium nitrients to create it). Now my collegue has stated he believes its a combination of the calf serum/DMEM and the cells that lay down ECM proteins (i.e. some come directly from the medium).

I realise these are cancer cells so are less dependant on the ECM anyway, but does anyone know whether either of these cases is the truth, or infact we are both wrong and there is more to it?

Thanks for your help!



One of the most abundant proteins in serum is fibronectin. Fibronectin attaches very nicely to plastic. The cells lay down their own ECM components along with the fibronectin (and other proteins) that are contributed from the serum.


Ok thanks for the info, I am slowing building up the encyclopaedia of cell knowledge in my brain!

Cheers cool.gif