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received bacteria on filter paper-how to revive? - bacteria storage/revival (Jun/15/2005 )

I just received a strain on filter paper. I don't remember the best way to revive this. . . cut a part of with a sterile razor and toss it in some media???


I know DNA can be transported that way, but never have heard of bacteria. But I'd think this have to be some kind of spore forming bacteria, or else would be dead, so I'd recommend to toss it in the aproproate medium for this bacterium and wait with a selection for one day....



We routinely mail E. coli strains on autoclaved filter paper. Wrapped in aluminum foil,
it can be put in an envelope and mailed easily. Culture simply by putting the paper in
culture media and grow overnight.


grow them in non selective media and then plate them on selective media. Pick one clone and culture it.