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Silicon substrate - Help with attachment (Jun/15/2005 )

I am using 3t3 cells on various substrates, but a new experiment I am trying is measuring the aspects of the extra cellular matrix (ECM) formed using DMEM (with calf serum) and the cells. I need to use silicon slides to grow on as these are needed in the ellipsometer equipment I am using.

I am worried that the cells are not going to attach very well to silicon, and i cannot coat the slides with any extra ECM proteins (such as fibronectin) as I want to view the natural ECM from the medium and cells.

Has anyone cultured on silicon slides in this bare-essential way? Any tips?




Although its hard to fit a reply into the overwhelming response cool.gif just thought I would update everyone.

Done the silicon culture and works well, used confocal to visualise them and after 2 days 3t3 confluency was impressive. Although some substrates had less attachment and more clumps than others, one in particular was great, done same way but with likely a few more cells (accidentally) which leads me to believe that higher seeding densities are welcome.

A great deal of cell-cell interaction was seen which indicates a possible higher dependance on each other on the (less adhesive) silicon.

Anyway just thought peeps might like info in case they were thinking of 3t3 Si culture.

"They call me Mr Fibroblastic, don't culture on plastic"

I had to do that.