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kato-III transfection - Help with transfecting semi-adherent Kato-III cell (Jun/15/2005 )


I'm new to working with Kato-III, which is a semi-adherent type of cells. I am going to transfect these cells but unsure of which is the suitable transfecting agent to start with.

Anyone with experience with transfecting this cell? or any semi-adherent type of cells?



For cell transfection, our experience is that gencarrier-1 probably is the most effective lipo-reagent for gastric epithelial lines. It outperforms lipo2000, fugene, geneporter, genejuice, jetPET, superfect, effectene in our lab (we have different people use different reagents)........on transfection efficiency, extremely low cytotoxicity and lowest price. So gencarrier now is our standard, first-line lipo-reagent for cell transfection, if it can not do the job we will switch to viral infection or other mechanic means (electroporation, nucleofection....).