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MCF7 & MDA MB231 transfection - (Jun/13/2005 )

Does anyone has experience with transfecting MCF7 and MDA MB231 cells? I used Fugene 6 for transfection not having much success. Please help.


Dear Kate,
I have not used fusgene on MCF-7 and 231 cells although I have used JET-PEI on both cell lines. It works well. I have also used CaPo4 on MCF-7 with limited success.

U may want to check the cell density of ur cells and the DNA quality. A lab mate of mine has used fusgene on MCF-7 with some degree of success.

Good luck



Lipofectamine 2000 form Invitrogen works well for me working with MCF-7 & MDA-MB-231. Another lab. near me far more knowlegable than I in breast cancer uses Lipofectamine 2000 as well.

Good luck.


we had success transfecting mcf-7 cells using lipofectanime from invitrogen (lipofectamine)

and the only reagent that worked for mda-mb-231 cells was mda-mb transfection reagent from altogen biosystems (MDA-MB transfection reagent)