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Methylation of housekeeping genes? - (Jun/09/2005 )

this may be a basic question. It has been reported that most housekeeping genes have CpG islands in their promotor regions. Can anybody tell about reports on methylation statuses of housekeeping genes in mammals, including familiar ones like beta-actin and GAPDH?


Hi Slab,

I have not heard of any housekeeping gene methylation, although they have CpG island. So the question is why CpG islands are selectively methylated in cancer???


Thank you, pcrman.
I think you mean that you have not heard of housekeeping gene methylation in either normall tissues or cancer cells.
I guess so many papers have been written about why CpGs are selectively methylated in cancer, but without single conclusion.
I also presume that people cannot find methylation of housekeeping genes because if that happens the cells cannot survive, but I am not sure if someone has extensively checked these genes.


I think you are absolutely right slab and pcrman,

although there has been active research in the methylation field, there are so many questions yet to be answered!