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MCF-7 cell line with fibroblast - (Jun/03/2005 )

I am very new in culture cancer cell line.

I bought MCF-7 cell line from ECACC. I grew them in RPMI with 10%FCS and 1% pen/strep.

I found a lot of cells in the matrix, I think they were fibroblast. Yes, I saw some cancer cells as well.

When I trypsinisation all the cell in the matrix look in round shape as the cancer cell. How could I discriminate them?

My question is when I bring these cells for protein study, will the fibroblast disturb my result?

Are there any methods to avoid much fibroblast growth?



I am sorry but I dont understand.
MCF-7 cells are breast cancer cells. What do you mean by some cells are cancer cells??
Also when you trypsinize the cells and look under the microscope they look rounded up. They differentiate once they adhere to the flasks/plates. have a picture of how MCF-7 cells should look on their website.
good luck