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Sepharose or agarose in ChIP assay - (May/26/2005 )

what is the difference in using proteinA-agarose and Protein A-sepharose in ChIP? which is better? most of the protocols (except upstate) use sepharose.


I think it is just a matter of choice and what's available in the lab,

sepharose and agarose are both inert to proteins.



Sepharose is crosslinked agarose in presence of crosslinker.Sepharose is a bead-formed agarose-based matrix. Sepharose is available with different agarose contents; like 2, 4, and 6%, designated Sepharose 2B, Sepharose 4B and Sepharose 6B respectively.

So it is actually the product which is named as sepharose or Agarose with conc. of crosslinker mentioned.