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Storage of bisulfite modified DNA - (May/18/2005 )

I have actually been modifying DNA to use it for MSPCR. I used a bisulfite modification kit last week and obtained modified DNA. Since the kit never mentioned anything about storage,I went ahead and put it in the regular refrigerator @ 4 and not -20. I wonder if anyone can tell me if I can still use the samples for MSPCR. smile.gif



I usually store my DNAs in a -20ºC refrigerator but sometimes I have stored some of them on the fridge (4ºC) if I want to use it after and samples are perfect. Anyway, I suppose that is better the -20ºC storage.

Good luck!



The kit I use (Chemicon) says to store at -20ºC for up to 2 months or at -80ºC for up to 6 months


shouldn't really be a problem, I have stored for more than six months and able to get good bisulfite PCR



I usually treat DNA with bisulfite every 3 months because the DNA seems degrade gradually at -20C.