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Staurosporine Colour - (May/13/2005 )

Hi all,

Im using Staurosporine to induce apoptosis. I bought 1mg from Sigma and made it up in ~210ul DMSO to give a 1mM Solution (Mwt=466.5). The solution was a pale dull yellow. I'm kinda sure that the 1mM soulution that i was using previously was transparent and dont know why this new stock looks different. I'm sure that i have made it up correctly (i.e. in the correct volume of DMSO).
Anyone got any ideas? sad.gif


maybe your Stock is 10 fold too concentrated! i made my 1mM solution with 0.1 mg and 215 uM DMSO !
and when you take a look at the sigma-hp there is a note, that the STS has a light yellow color...