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best cell colture media for in vivo imaging - (May/12/2005 )

Hi, I'm making some imaging test with HEK 293 Cell line transfected with GFP. With fixed sample I had no problem and the image were good, but with the in vivo experiments the image quality is worst...
I use a DMEM medium with Hepes 25mM during the experiment and maybe the color of the media disturb the image quality?!?
Can someone geve me some good advice??? Thanks for every help

Good work and have e nice day


recently, i've read on this forum that DMEM can be bought whithout phenol red.


I am using PBS for cell imaging. DMEM without phenol red works as well.


Sigma has phenol-free DMEM (no financial interest)....
Although I have seen people using a balanced salt solution. Never tried it though.