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restriction mapping pDNA software - (May/11/2005 )

Dear Colleagues,

I have a problem and would like to receive some advice.

I would like to ORDER RESTRICTION FRAGMENTS of a plasmid DNA which has been cleaved with two restriction endonucleases in single and double digestions. I.e. to make a restriction map.

I need some kind of SOFTWARE for this purpose, because the size of my pDNA is approx. 60 kb.

I have found several programs which can do this only if I have a sequence. But without this information – nothing.

Maybe someone could help me with an advice.

Thanking in anticipation.



if you have too many fragments I doubt that even a programm can do this.
I suppose you will have to use more restriction enzymes and more importantly
you will have to search for single cutting sites.
To circumvent extensive use of too many enzymes, you could probably perform
2D-agarose gel electrophoresis, but this requires large amounts of reaction
How many fragments do you have with your enzymes so far?