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Primer Express 2.0 - crashes (May/06/2005 )


I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with Primer Express 2.0 crashing on XP or the original NT operating system that drives ABI's 7900HT? I've patched it with the enabler from ABI but it's still buggy when the source molecule is over 1500nt.

Does anyone know if there is an upgrade or version 3.0? Or an alternative for designing rt-pcr primer and probe sets?



primer express 3.0 is available. you can contact ABI and tell them about your problem. if you convince them, you may get a free upgrade.
however version 3.0 is exclusively for real time PCR primers. you dont have options for designing primers for other pcr (like nested, RT etc) which you get in version 2.0. even we have problems working with version 2.0