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Question about DNA isolation - (Apr/28/2005 )


I`m a new member and im not a molecular but know im dealing with palnt molecular, so i dont have to much information about practical and i need ur help.
my questions are: what is the difference between total DNA isolation and genomic DNA extraction? is the word isolation and extraction are differt?


they mean all the same thing nona.


Extraction and isolation are the same, technically speaking. The difference between total DNA extraction and Genomic DNA extractions is the inclusion of organelle DNA (mitochondiral, Chloroplast etc...) in the case of total DNA extraction while only the nuclear (nucloid) DNA is of interest in the case of Genomic DNA extraction.



Both r same But,

Genomic DNA = DNA in Diploid No. of chromosome in a Cell

When come to eukaryotic cells ur going to isolate DNA in the sense it mean a part of genomic DNA too. eg. chloroplast DNA, etc., that is organel DNA

Genomic DNA means Whole DNA from both Nuclious and Organel