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The best software for DNA analyses for Mac - Suggestions? (Apr/26/2005 )

I am looking for the best software for DNA work for Mac OSX or OS9. I have a bunch already but always wonder what is the best and should I get something different than I have. I am looking for sequence analysis software, alignment software, plasmid map makers etc.



Are you looking at purchasing a license for software?

there are lots of open source software that are free of charge available on the web. Most are amenable to the OSX operating system.

I have to say Artemis along with ACT (artemis comparison tool) are two very powerful programs available from the sanger site. Not too sure about a free plasmid drawing program although is a very strong site

good luck!



i've heard about the great DNAstrider and it is a free program.
Wen i "googled" for finding more info about it, i found this great sofware web page :
Download of Macintosh Software for Molecular biology

only for macs. Part of them are freeware and the other part is shareware...

hope that helps.