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Microarray set up cost - (Apr/19/2005 )

Any got an idea on how much it would cost to set up a microarray machine with all the bells and whistles? Or how to find out how much it costs?
Tired of look at websites that don't have the prices listed.
Thanks a million,


It depends how serious you are about buying one but asking a rep might help (not a good idea if it is just curiosity). Asking a rep is usually a last resort because although you will eventually get the info you want they won't leave you alone once they get a "lead" until a sale is made. Explain what you want to do and a rep should be able to design a package for you with pricing. You may be able to get a semi-straight answer out of a rep without having too much of your time wasted by saying you need a quote for budgeting or a grant application.