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How amplify long fragment from bisulfite treated DNA for MSP - (Apr/13/2005 )

The MSP PCR products always 100-300bp, but the the standard PCR products often longer than MSP. Why do the products of MSP so short??
How can I amplify long products of MSP,such as 500-1000bp??


Hello rockysofar,

I had a PCR product of 470 pb and the MSP protocol lacks the extension step in each cycle. You can try it.

I hope that helps you.




First, for MSP, you don't need to amplify such a long fragment. Second, because DNA is supposed to be degradated during bisufite modification, it is hard to amplify fragment longer than 400 bp, but here are people who claim to have amplified >1kb from modified DNA. Their purpose of PCR is for bisulfite sequencing, not MSP.

Hope that helps.