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microarray .... - (Aug/07/2002 )

hi there, i have 3 questions here and if anyone has answers to any or all, please kindly reply...

(1)   does anyone know if anyone has tried putting the whole human genomic library on a microarray before ?
(2)   does anyone know if there is a commercially available microarray for dna-protein interaction ?
(3)   what is the minimum and maximum oligo length (available commercially and ordered) that can be tethered onto a microarray ?



I don't have any answer for the third questions. However for the first one I don't that any one has try to put the whole human genome. At lesat the array is not commercialized. I looked for DNA-protein microarray but I was unable to find one. however there is a company specialized in Protein Chip, called Cyphergen,  where you can have more information.