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Animal origin free medium - Animal origin free medium (Apr/07/2005 )

Hello, I would like to culture some fibroblast or chondrocytes cells with serum-free, and animal origin free medium. Anyone know any suitable of medium? Please let me know.




well i know that Gibco sell "animal" medias...

i found their explanation about it :

Animal-Origin-Free Products —GIBCO® animal-origin-free products
do not contain material directly derived from animal tissues, cells,
or body fluids of higher eukaryotic organisms, such as mammals
(including humans), fish, birds, insects, etc. The term “animal-origin”
does not pertain to lower eukaryotic organisms such as the higher
plants, fungi, protozoa, and algae, nor does it include prokaryotic
organisms such as bacteria or blue-green algae.

the reference is here