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Software for MSP (methylation-specific PCR) primer design - (May/09/2002 )

I'm working on the change of CpG methylation status during carcinogenesis. I want to try new gene target. However, I can't find freeware or software for primer design for MSP(methylation specific PCR).
Does anybody know it?

Thank you a lot.


There is a software from Intergen called CpG Ware. Here is a demo (it seems you can not input sequence).

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Now there are some free online software for MSP primer design.

This one can design MSP primers and also BSP (Bisulfite Sequencing PCR) and has a nice graphic output. I use it for all my MSP and BSP primer designs and almost all of them work well.




I used Methprimer. I designed fiew primers sets that worked well. But recently (09/2004), I had problems which to sets of primers.

I would like to know if anybody has used the software primo msp 3.4 from Chang Biosciences. Is it a good software?


-Noël R-