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Yeast contamination or what? - I don't know if it is yeast contamination (Apr/04/2005 )


My primary cell culture of COS-7 is contaminated with several, rounded structures that surround most of the cells, with no motility. After 48h of incubation with 1 ug/ml os fungizone they are still there. There is no turbidity or changes in pH in media, and cells grow well.

Could these structures be yeast and how can I remove them??
They are similar to these
but they are not multibranched and not bud.

I need urgent help!!


Read this link.


QUOTE (seasons @ Apr 4 2005, 12:40 PM)


Did it help to decontaminate your cells? I have the same problem. My primary cell lines are also "infected" with round shaped structures. They don't grow anymore. But the medium does not become cloudy. The pH does not change neither. What could it be?

I appreciate any help!



Yeast comtamination spread very very easily between culture plates and flasks. If it is yeast, and you keep them in the incubator, other plates will get it within a few days. Bin them, thoroughly clean the incubator and start with a fresh batch from frozen.

Yeast infected medium will turn cloudy, so if it's not cloudy after a day or so of infection, it's not yeast.