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Medium-w/o GLUT? - (Mar/30/2005 )

It says; "MEM, Earle's, DPM, autoclavable, w/o GLUT"

What does it mean with w/o GLUT? And are MEM, Earle's and DPM different types of mediums or the same medium? huh.gif



w/o GLUT - without Glutamine - Media is frequently supplied without Glutamine as it breaks down and therefore shortens the shelf life of the media. This should be added to the media or else the cells won't be happy.

MEM - Modified Eagles Medium
Earles - Earles Medium
DPM - ??

As far as I'm aware they are not the same medium, they will contain different concentrations of salts, nutrients, pH etc for a review of the components you can check out your supplier company web site which should give you the composition of each. Some sturdy cell lines will grow in any of them however, this should be optimised to each cell line.