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Vacuum sucker - (Mar/29/2005 )

I wonder how can i sterilize or clean the vacuum sucker after using? Which solution should it suck after using? unsure.gif



usually, i stop the aspiration by folding the flexible nearest of the collectiong vial. Then i put ethanol in all the flexible (between opening and folding), wait 30'' with it and open the aspiration again.
I assume it's not very well sterilized but it prevents surely of expansion if done evry time the vacuum is used.
i hope i'm undestandable... sad.gif



Here we use a vacuum trap containing virkon, that the waste goes into, then when finished with the vacuum, a small volume (approx 50mL) of virkon is sucked through the tube, and the virkon in the vacuum trap changed after use. Seems to work pretty well.