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Ingredient for keratinocyte culture medium - (Mar/27/2005 )

Currently i'm looking forward to prepare a medium to culture keratinocyte. Since i'm lacking of financial supporter, can anyone help me to find a whole ingredients to prepare the culture medium?? u can give me here,PM me or show me the website which is useful to me. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the expenses in my research. sad.gif

really hope somebody could help.THANKS!!


We used Keratinocyte-SFM (Invitrogen; Cat. No. 17005, check their catalog/web page for the ingredient) supplemented with BPE and EGF.
However, BPE has no defined component (it's an extract), you have to find a cheap source for it. We purchase recombinant EGF from Epoch Biolabs which is one of the most reliable, consistent and cheaper suppliers.