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CDS in pubmed - (Mar/17/2005 )


i want to ask how to see how to read the CDS. For example,

These are the CDS of two genes:

1. complement(join(15844086..15845031,15846241..15846421,
15847221..15847417,15859010..15859103,15861626..15861779, 15861940..15862151))

In this case, exon 1 refers to 15844086-15845031 or 15861940-15862151? where should be the promoter located?

2. join(16649414..16649450,16650113..16650448,

In the second case, exon 1 should refer to 16649414-16650962? where is the promoter located?





Exon 1 refers to 15844086..15845031 and the next range in the series i.e. 15846241..15846421 is exon on...

To check, you could give each of these ranges in the 'get subsequence' box of the page and get the sequence, put them together, translate the entire CDS. Check for Initial methionine.

Hope this helps.