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Do all 293 cells contain an adenovirus? - Do all 293 cells contain an adenovirus? (Mar/16/2005 )

Do all kidney 293 cells contain an adenovirus? So I can use any 293 cell to amplify a adenoviral stock?



try a search in the ATCC database. (search in cell biology and "name"=293
But you're right, 293 cells (from kidney contains either adenovirus 5 sequnces or SV40 sequences or SV40/CMV...
But for virus amplification, i woul youse Hek 293 PACK cells also known as phoenix helper cells....
Did i answer your question?




yes, thank you. will the pfu be much lower with 293 as I do not have the hek 293 pack at hand?



I think you might want to make sure that you have 293A cells, since those were immortalized by the E1A/E1B oncogenes and will then support the deficient adenovirus amplification.

I know someone tried for a long time with 293T cells, without success. I believe those don't express E1A and E1B, but the T antigen, so be careful.

Good luck!