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Best transfection method/reagent for HeLa cells? - (Mar/02/2005 )

I'm planning to do some transient transfection of HeLa cells.
Aim is to do some CoIP and localization studies.

I asked different fellows, some say Fugene is the best, some proposed TFX while other said, this is all crap, use Lipofectamine.

Now i'm a little bit puzzled, which one i should buy...

Which transfection method / reagent would you recommend?

-Pit Burger-

Don't use straight lipofectamine, use lipofectamine 2000 which is much better in HeLa cells. Make sure you have a fluorescent control too (or a GFP expression plasmid) as a transfection control too if it's the first time you've done it.


in my lab, extreme gene from roche give the best results.

otherwise, Invitrogen may help you with their products, cause HeLa is a popular cell line. Promega website has a great transfection guide that you can consult online.




this is a good question! I worked with lipofectamine, lopofectamine 2000 and several other transfection reagents for my HeLa cells. The one that always worked best for me was Dreamfect from oz biosciences ( They say youll reach a transfection efficiency up to 90%, I tried it with a plasmid coding for GFP and then FACSed the cells. I get approx. a transfectionefficiency of 80%, which is more I ever had with Lipofectamine (40%).
It's quite easy to be handeled and you don't need a special transfection medium just DMEM without FCS and Pen/Strep.

All the best biggrin.gif


We have been using GenCarrier-1 to do transient transfection on HeLa cells in large quantity (high throughput transfection) with high satisfaction -high efficiency, low cost, easy protocol and consistency.