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Bacillus pasteurii info needed - (Feb/25/2005 )

Hi to everyone!

I have isolated from a german soil a strain bacillar Gram + and sporulated, antibiotic productor. Using a Bacillus Indentification Test, I have identified it like Bacillus pasteurii (I think the correct name is Sporosarcina pasteurii).

The problem is Id like to know if anybody have described Bacillus pasteurii as a antibiotic productor before, and in this case, what substance could be. I find no data base about this kind of information in the Web (maybe due the industrial secret?) only taxonomic and poorly descriptive bases. I will thank you very much if could link me to any interesting page in this sense.

Sorry for my loathing english and congratulations for this forum.


hello, Brenner

I am from Colombia and I am a teacher in the InstituciĆ³n Universitaria. Actually work about utility B. pasteurii in bioremediation and like know Which is the enviroments special conditions for the growth the B. psteurii?

The Bergey's MAnual of Systematic Bacteriology 1986.have more information about B. pasteurii

thanks you.

-Claudia Cuervo-