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Morphology of Kerationocyte's 1st passage, guess what happened. - (Feb/20/2005 )

my keratinocytes were grown in the 1st passage. The cells were sheet alike, bigger than normal, interesting shape, gray in colour under inverted microscope. not much cells got adhered, and the proliferation was extremely slow ( les than 10 cells within 20 days).

here, please scope what happened to my keratinocytes (obtained from normal human epidermal skin). feel free to share ur opinion!!



There are few possible couses:

1. age of a donor
2. donor with some illness (malignant or systemic)
3. inapropriate surface for cultivation
4. bad dissociation of the skin (without enough cells with higher proliferating index)
5. Ca level


Sounds like they have differentiated. I'd jump in on number 1. 3. and 5. of zormil's suggestions as the most probable.
Regards caro


yes, i hav done some observation, the cells might have been differentiated...

i guess the calcium level might be a liitle bit more..that caused the earlier differentiation.

one more thing, when i subculture the differentiated cells into another new flasks, what will happen to the subculture cells?? will it adhere and proliferate??

thanks buddies!!