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Yeast grows as smear instead of colonies - (Feb/15/2005 )

Hi, everyone
I am doing yeast two-hybrid now. I picked up a colony from my plate and grow it in appropriate medium. Before I did other exp with the yeast medium( test the bait expression) I spread 20ul yeast on appropriate SD plate(just use 1/5 of the 10cm plate) for stock. I got big smear on the plate, then I use some of the smear to replate on another apporiate 10cm plate but still got smear. I am wondering what the smear is? Is that only because I plate too much in a small area so the yeast does not have enough area to form colony or the yeast medium has been contaminate by bacteria or something else?

Thank you!


I have get the anwer. The smear is just because of too many yeast. When I streak it agatin, I got isolated conolies.

sorry to confuse you.