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Passing of HEP G2 Cells - Any Advice? (Feb/14/2005 )

I recently split a batch of HEP G2 cells - 3 T75 Flasks into 6. About a week later and the cells aren't looking happy. There's no obvious infection in the flask but they're clumping severely and refusing to cover the entire substratum. This cell line is known to grow particularly quickly. The only thing I can think of is they've been passed too often.

Any suggestions?

-C D White-

Only thing I can suggest is to check the cells for mycoplasma. Cells infected with mycoplasma grow more slowly and tend to come off the surface if they are adherent. Simplest way to check for mycoplasma is to stain with DAPI and check under a fluorescent microscope for little specs in the cell cytoplasm and outside of the cells too. Their are PCR kits available too.

Of course, the problem you are having could be due to something else.