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How to prepare solution for drug or hormone treatment?? - Preparing dexamethasone and estradiol solution from powder (Feb/11/2005 )

Dear all,

I am goin' to do drug treatment with my cell line growing in 24 well plates... and I am not too sure how should I dissolve the drug or hormone in powder form to make them into solutions for treatment...

the specification data sheet comes together with the chemicals has been lost and I can't find it from the company websites....

I am goin' to make dexamethasone and 17B-estradiol solution... when I read through the papers, i found that some use ethanol while the others use DMSO to dissolve the powder, I wonder which one is a better method...

I also found that people tends to prepare a stock of higher concentration for dilution into the desired concentration.... is it a must to make a 1000X stock first?? for the concentration I am goin' to use, it weighs only 0.0XXg of powder, is it because the mass is too small for dissolving that a larger concentration stock solution is made first....

and I also wanted to know if I really need to filter sterilize the solution.. if I am goin' to treat the cells for 24 hours only, it should not promote the growth of microbes....

Sorry for asking so many stupid questions.....

Thanks first^^


I'd suggest to find a company that sells the same drugs and see what they suggest to use to dissolve them.
It's not a must but very clever to make a high concentration batch to start. This way you avoid a lot of thaw/freeze cycles to your dilute solution. The 1000X factor is only the easiest way to make a solution. Scientists being known to be lazy biggrin.gif , it's very easy to divide by 1000, just change the units (mM to ┬ÁM... etc).
Considering the filtering of the solutions, do as you feel, but DMSO usually doesn't promote bacterial growth, so I wouldn't worry leaving it unfiltered.

Hope I could help!



Imo DMSO is better. You can prepare an 10mM initial dilution and store it at -20C. Filtration not necessary.
good luck


I know dexamethasone is extremely hard to dissolve in water - I buy a specific H2O soluble cell culture grade dexamethasone from Sigma to get around this problem.


i'm backing up LazyCell...DMSO should be ok for most applications.