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calculating E- and P-values - (Feb/10/2005 )

Hi i am wondering if anyone knows where i could find code or software for working out the E and P values of an alignment and any other useful statistics.

I'm working with a program for my thesis that at the moment only gives the alignment itself and the raw score and i need to get it to give these values too but I'm not too sure how to do it.

If anyone could help it would be great, Thanks.



i've used statcalc two years ago for my calculs. it's freeware and available at
as said at,

"StatCalc is a PC calculator that computes table values of many statistical distributions. It also computes moments and small sample confidence intervals for discrete distributions. This software comes with help files in WinHelp format"
But i think there is other programs that could help you.

a more recent 30 day trial software is available at

Tell me if it helps you smile.gif