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Sequence analysis - (Feb/08/2005 )

I need ahelp in plast a sequence of a sample i was make to it sequencing in the sequence of the origenal gene sequence to identifying the position of the mutation and its transcription to amino acid also how to know on which codon this mutation so if thair in softwair or programe can help me in that because it is very imp. in my work


hi rehab!

please try to use punctuation marks, as they make postings much more readable and much more easy to understand.

I think you want to compare the sequence of a point mutated gene with the sequence of the wildtype. Is that correct?

So I gather you should have the two sequences in your hands already, right?

Then you can use a software like Seqman or BioEdit for sequence-comparison, or if your wildtype gene is submitted to a database, you can run a blastn with your mutant-sequence and see where it doesn't "fit" the original. once you know where the mutation has occured, you can translate both of your DNA sequences and see if it's a conservative muatation (i.e. one that doesn't lead to an amino-acid substitution) or not. you can do sequence comparisons with the amino-acid sequences again, to see where the change has occured.

BioEdit is freeware:

Blast is an internet-based service: