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Need help: Can't open .ent and .mb files - what programs should I use to open .ent and .mb files (Feb/04/2005 )

Dear all,

I just recieved annual updates CDs containing structural data from RCSB but I I can't open the files. I have use Molecular viewer, VMD and Swiss pdb to open .ent and .mb files but it didn't work. Could you guys suggest me a free programs I can use to open these files? Thank you. blink.gif ph34r.gif


.ent files should be associated with molmol and can be opend with molmol viewer.

maybe you want to check out this site:




mb extension is linked to MapBasic Program from MapInfo Corporation
MapBasic is a BASIC-like programming language used to create custom applications for use with MapInfo Professional or special MapInfo runtimes.
you can see mapbasic program at

these informations come from, "The File Extension Source"

remark : they have a quite exhaustive list of extension, and whenever i have a problem with an extension, i try to get the information there. They also often associate a description of the program supposed to read the file. I've submitted two of new extensions there and noticed that they have checked the information i gave. I think that's nice.

Tell me if this program (map basic) is the good one. That's interesting for me ! wink.gif
Hope helps.


Thank you Veteran. I will check out the links you give me. Anyway, I guess MOLMOL will work.