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LIMS - How exhaustive does it need to be? (Feb/03/2005 )

I need info on how exhaustive a laboratory information management module should be, especially to keep track of the experiments.

Is it necessary that LIMS should support something as trivial as a volume change when a particular sample is brought above or below room temperature? assuming that the sample has its optimal volume at room temperature.

This will be of great help.



Good morning,

The first answer will be: it depends... what does need the biologist user :-)

If when you ask him (it is very important to know what are the needs):
- you understand that the big problem is the stock management and to find if the aliquot X is at the good temperature, with V volume etc...
So you will have to develop a solution or to choose a existing solution that provide features to track all the samples... (there are some generic LIMS solutions but they are usually difficult to configure and not always adapted to lab work before to be a little expensive...)

The most important is before to understand what are the needs and the existing management system used in labs.
and to describe what are the fonctional features with the best granularity for the LIMS
and after to study what kind of solution is the best,
with always to have in head that the needs will change and evolve.

So the solution will have to be generic, enough to easily add new features.
I think that a LIMS installation is an iterated process with adjustments that depend of the users, what information system exists in the labs and money...:-)

Information about existing LIMS :
with some generics, or specialized in specific workflow ...

and about LIMS

I hope this helps



Thank you, that surely helped.