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Anticancer drug concentration - drug concentration (Feb/01/2005 )

Help me...

I will treat several anticancer drugs to cancer cell.
And I am trying to combine multi-drug.

But I don't know to test either same concentration or different concentration about two cases: single drug and multi combined drug.


If I treat A and B drug each other as below
A drug : 10mg/ml
B drug : 20mg/ml
How do I treat when A+B drug?
A 10mg/ml + B 20mg/ml => Is this right?
But I think that A+B case is much toxic for cancer cell.

I want to know which drug is good for cancer therapy: A or B or A+B.

I'll be back... ^^



i don't think one can say tthat for all possible combinations. there maybe synerigistic or antagonistic effects of the two drugs on each other, which nobody can forsee. so, in your case i would try to test some variants for effectiveness:

1 low concentration [c] of A
2 medium [c] of A
3 high [c] of A
4 low [c] of B
5 medium [c] of B
6 high [c] of B

and, following this i would try a cross-titration:


that way you should get experimentally evaluated data about useful combinations, though for the determination of the optimal concentrations a finer matrix could be necessary. but the above scheme should give you some good idea where to start looking...