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Transfection of CaCo2 Cell lines - (Jan/29/2005 )

cool.gif What is the best transfection method for CaCo2 cell lines? I have tried Fugene6 and have not had much luck. I have heard that Gene Juice by Novagene will work. I am also looking into Jet PEI from Obiogene. Any other suggestions?


The most effective liposome-based transfection reagents are GenCarrier, Lipofectamine2000(CD) followed by fugene-6 and genePORTER. In our hands, GenCarrier tops the list in low cytotoxicity, high transfection efficiency, much lower price and broad cell types - primary or established, adherant or suspension, serum or no serum.


You might also consider NeoPhectin, which is good for difficult to transfect cell types.