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DNA Multimers ... - Things not happening as it should be ... (Jan/26/2005 )

I have an oligo (A) (non-phosphorylated in 5') of ~ 100 bases.
I have its complement (cool.gif with two over hangs (~4 bases each) on both he sides(5' and 3').

the overhangs on the B are palindromic. as in the 5' overhang is palindromic to itself.

I annealed both of them.
phosphorylated the sample.
added ligase

after ligation, when i ran it on the gel, i saw only monomers and dimers.

Why is this so ???
y not other multimers ???

did i go wrong sumwhere ???
plz help sad.gif


I am not quite shure if I understand what you intended to do or wanted to see on the gel. But I suppose the ligation time was to short!?
What do you mean with Monomer: ds AB??