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Diag representation of gene, SNPs - Diag rep of SNPs in gene (Dec/29/2004 )

I like to present a picture of gene with exons and introns in proportionate way and also highlight SNPs, deletions insertions. Pl suggest me how to draw in proportionate presentaion

With regards


Hi Kumar,

At times I was trying to find an easy program for drawing gene structure and annotations but could not find one. Maybe I am just not lucky enough.

Alternatively, if you know a little bit Perl, you can use bioperl's graphics module to draw an image with gene structure and annotations. You can read more here

Some sequence analysis softeare also allow you draw such images such as
Vector NIT, DS Gene, etc.

The last resort is to do it in MS Office (either Word or PP) or Adobe Illustrator. But you have to take care of the proportion calculations. Although it takes time, but definitely you can draw whatever you want for publication purpose.

-sage- has a program that can do it, but it comes with a rather high price.
If any of you finds a great program (cheap or freeware) please let me know.


Redasofts visual cloning can be used, it aint that expensive.
An alternative is to take a closer look at the programs at this page, perhaps something pops up