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Database software to catalogue / archive primers - Database software to catalogue / archive primers (Dec/06/2004 )

Does anyone know a good software to catalogue / archive oligonucleotides. I have a large collection of primers that I would like to organise in a database to be able to find them easily. I am currently spending too much time looking for the right primer before running an experiment.

Thanks for your help rolleyes.gif


I was, until recently, in the same situation as you are now. I discovered a software called OligoMaster. You can download a demo version at It is a very well designed product which helps you organise your primer collection. It can be used either as single workstation or in a client/server mode where the database can be accessed remotely via the network. Interestingly the software has been developped in JAVA so it can run on PC, MAC and Linux. Really nice features are available too. Give it a try. We bought few copies for my lab and we are really pleased about the product. I just had a look on the website and the price of the license is currently discounted. We will probably acquire more soon in order to organise our oligo collection.