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invisible GFP - (Dec/03/2004 )


I just received cells tranfected with receptor-GFP.
I can't see GFP by direct microscopy. The person who send me cells see a great GFP signal...

But by Western and IF I can say that GFP is in my cells ( and also the receptor ).

She send cells twice but it's always the same problem.

Anyone already have the same probl ?

Thanks for reply


That may sound a little too simple, but do you watch your cells in the dark?? GFP needs to be excited so it can emit some green light.
Excitation wavelength : 488nm
Emission wavelength : 509nm

The light from a room is enough, generally.




of course i protect the cells from light during fixation etc......

and it's not a problem of wavelenght, I work often on confocal.....

thx 4 ur reply