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Mammalian cell line - monolayer - monolayer growth of mammalian cell line (Nov/19/2004 )

I need to grow a few anchorage dependent mammalian cell lines, both as a monolayer and also encapsulated in hydrogels, as an assay tool for testing some of our compounds. I am right now using MCF7, which grows perfectly fine. OTOH, HepG2 start clumping up and start growing on top of each other and it is hard to control get them grow as a monolayer.

I was wondering if anybody in this forum has experience in growing cell lines (perferably cancer cell lines) from ATCC, that grow fine without creating any problems - for instance, how about 293T?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kalyani,

MCF7 and HEPG2 will grow in monolayer as similar. Dont know about OTOH. I think the cells are clumped while you subculture. Isolated individual cells in suspension may solve the problem.

Try this.
Pass trypsinized cell suspension through 20 G needle, slowly, during subculture.

Good luck