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Introducing bacteria onto growth medium - microbiology (Nov/17/2004 )

Hello. Please tell me if I am right:

I have obtained a slope of bacteria.
The next thing to do is create your own streak plate from broth culture.
Then, to make nutrient agar, obtain sterile nutrient broth and mix with solidifying agent in a sterile test tube. Pour hot molten nutrient agar into a
Set up two plates with sterile growth medium.

So do you introduce the bacteria at this stage?

I am doing an investigation on effects of antibiotics on Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

Thank you very much.

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Can anyone help?


Sorry, I actually do have problems understanding what you mean. Am I correct in the assumption that you pour soft-agar onto normal agar plates?
If yes you need to let the soft-agar cool down, and add your bacteria to it before it becomes solid. Stir or vortex a bit to get a homogenous solution, then pour it on your prepared agar slants.