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How to obtain sequence-formatted file (.seq) from ncbi - (Dec/30/2008 )

can any body tell me that how to obtain sequence-formatted file (.seq) from ncbi? Thanks


Cut and paste into a Notepad. Then save the file as *.seq
E.g. when prompt to save, type "name.seq" NOTE: the double quotation mark "...." will do the trick to designate the file with *.seq extension.

Alternatively, cut and paste sequence into DNA editor software, such as DNAstar, ApE (plasmid editor) and save as *.seq file.


.seq file is just a text file containing DNA sequences with the file extension of seq. You can open it use any text editor.


I agree with pcrman -- there seems to be some confusion here. Sequence files (by this I mean files that contain DNA, RNA, or amino acid sequences) are usually just text files. They can be in many different formats though -- including GenBank, FASTA, EMBL, etc. There's a good list of sequence formats here.

These are all just text files -- but the differ in their format. Some programs expect files to be in a particular format, but most expect this format to be contained within a text file (a file composed of ASCII characters, like you'd be able to type). There are some binary formats, and various multiple sequence alignment formats, too -- but most programs don't use them.

Any of these formats could be contained within a text file with the extension ".seq".

Can you tell use a bit more about what you're trying to do?