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I am so disappointed - (Dec/16/2008 )

I came here 15 days ago to start my post-doc research. Then, I found they did not setup a computer for me. When they realized this, they gave me a very old one with a very small monitor and an old mouse which I have to click three times for opening something. I think it is OK because I just need to use the internet to search papers for reading although I never used such kind of old computer. And the boss said she will bought me a new one as a christmas gift!
Today, when i came back to my office from lab, I found my "lovely" moniter was on another desk outside of my office and I was so happy: they must have changed my computer! when I enter into the office, guess what i see? They only changed the monitor but kept the old computer for me!
I don't know how to say but I was really very disppointed! This is the meaning of the "new"?
Well, maybe it is not a big thing and I should not complain here. The boss is nice to me and helping me a lot to settle down as I can no speak French. And I guess she may think that the computer is not important for me or maybe the technition forgot to change the computer for me?

thanks this forum, I feel much better now.


I do feel for you. When I joined my graduate lab, I was the last person on the totem pole-- I pretty much got the leftovers.
You could ask to see if the rest of the computer is on its way. Or just live with it for now and search for papers at say the library or some other place. If it does impair what you are supposed to do, say something. Your boss might not realize it.

stay strong-- you can't be the lowest person for long.


I will see if the computer is kept by the technician for installing some softwares.


Nobody in our lab gets own computer before about 6 months. Although our lab is relatively rich!!


ok, until now, I only have a new monitor. I asked my boss and I am sure there will be no new computer coming. So, I am using a very old French keyboard and a sometime working mouse...


If you really need it, you could get yourself a laptop. A cheap one, would probably be better than the computer given to you.


yes, i am going to do that
Interesting thing is: the computer techinician came to change the keyboard and mouse for me yesterday. They are still very old but work better than the previous ones. I guess he felt that the keyboard and mouse were really not good when he was helping me setting the computer.

It is almost enough for me now.